Acai Fire for Men

Acai Fire for Men Review

“I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the amazing weight loss properties of the acai berry, haven’t you.” This is the opening statement on the official Acai Fire for Men website. They rely on the media hype surrounding the acai berry to draw you in.  Can I let you in on a little secret?

The acai berry is not proven to reduce body fat.

Shocking, I know.  It’s true that there are numerous benefits you can anticipate when you choose to use a product with acai berries.  But dramatic weight loss results are not among these benefits.

Does Acai Fire for Men have anything beneficial to offer or are you better off using an alternative weight loss pill?

Acai Fire for Men Safety

The ingredients in Acai Fire for Men look to be natural.  You should not experience many side effects because the majority of ingredients are safe to use.

Using Acai Fire for Men may actually improve your health in some areas.  It contains numerous antioxidants that are known to improve immunity and boost health.

Ingredients in Acai Fire for Men

Usually we look for extreme weight loss pills that are willing to disclose full ingredient lists.  Knowing exactly what you are getting can help you to know if you are getting a product that is likely to be effective.

Acai Fire for Men seems to hide the majority of the ingredient information on the official website.  And it seems unlikely that their formula has been thoroughly researched.

Had Acai Fire for Men taken the time to research their ingredients they would know that acai is not proven to reduce fat stores in the body.

Some other ingredients that are supposed to be in Acai Fire for Men include amino acids and proteins.  They also claim to include appetite suppressants and ingredients that can trigger the release of human growth hormone.

One way that Acai Fire for Men may improve weight loss capabilities is by removing excess waste.  The antioxidants found in the acai berry have been shown to reduce free radical damage and remove toxins.  This may allow you to more easily absorb the nutrients your body needs.

Overall Value

Acai Fire for Men is offered through a free trial.  Sounds appealing, right?

Think again.

Not only was it all but impossible for me to get to the free trial page, but also they have several conditions on the purchase.  Read the small print carefully because it stinks of a scam.  When you order your “free” trial it turns out to be anything but free.  You get charged the full price of the product if it is not returned within a certain amount of time.  Also, they enroll you in an autoship program and you get a new supply every month whether you like it or not.

Using Acai Fire for Men is likely to waste a lot of your hard earned money.  Since they hide so much important information I would not recommend it as a top weight loss pill.  Take a look at some of our favorite extreme weight loss pills that work and are available for extremely low prices.

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