GNC Ripped Vitapak Program

GNC Ripped Vitapak Program Review

It is time to get serious about the way your body looks.  You are tired of looking like a string bean and want some muscle to be on those arms and chest and body.  You want to looked ripped!!  Are you feeling that way?  You are not the only one that feels that way.  If you go to the gym you will see many people just like you working hard and still struggling to get that ripped look.  How many are doing it without any supplements?  Who can work out for hours and get that ripped bodies?  Questions many of us ask ourselves.  Many of the top performing athletes use supplements to enhance their workouts and keep going when they want to quit.

GNC Ripped Vitapak Program is a regimen of pills that are intended to supplement your body with the nutrients that you need in order to achieve the toned, ripped body that you want.  It is suppose to work by filling in the nutritional gaps that can be left out when you are training.  This weight loss supplement claims that by using this supplement you will be able to overcome the regular training that you have problems with.  It is suppose to enhance calorie burning, support lean muscle and maximize overall training effects.  Time to see if this weight loss supplement really works.

GNC Ripped Vitapak Program Safety

GNC Ripped Vitapak Program does have some side effects associated with it.  They include nausea, diarrhea and stomach cramps.

Ingredients of GNC Ripped Vitapak Program

The ingredients of GNC Ripped Vitapak Program are made up of 4 specifically formulated performance pills:

  • Mega Men Sport–this is a high potency multi vitamin that says it fills in the nutritional gaps.  It contains B vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and joint cushioning blend for healthy joint cartilage.
  • Conjugated Linoleic Aci (CLA)–this features 4 grams of CLA which is shown to support lean, toned muscle.  It is a natural fatty acid that is often cut out of athletes diets.
  • Thermo Igniter 12x–a thermogenic proprietary blend that says will burn 12 times as many calories as normal and increase your metabolism before, during and after exercise.
  • Waterex–simply a diuretic that includes Urvi Ursi which will reduce the water and regulate excess fluid.

Overall Value

GNC Ripped Vitapak Program is a regimen that promises to make you look like the next Superman.  Does it really get the job done?  Maybe and maybe not.  There is no clinical evidence that this weight loss supplement gives you the nutritional supplements necessary to get a ripped body.  The cost of this weight loss supplement is $70 but if you are a GNC Gold Card Member it is $55.  It does come with a 30 day money back guarantee but 30 days is really not long enough to see if it is will work and have long lasting effects. There are many good weight loss supplements on the market these days.  In fact if you look on this website you will see the top rated weight loss supplements that they recommend.

Top 3 EXTREME Weight Loss Pills of 2011

Phenphedrine is the only extreme weight loss pill that specifically targets the Cocaine Amphetamine Regulatory Track in the hypothalamus of the brain. By triggering the CART, it suppresses your appetite and increases your metabolism. It also increases insulin to deliver energy to your muscles while simultaneously decreasing body fat.

  1. #1 Extreme Weight Loss Pill
  2. Burns Fat
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  4. Suppresses Appetite 

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Phentirmene is an herbal weight loss pill. It contains ingredients that suppress your appetite via the same mechanisms as prescription strength Phentermine. Phentermine is used togther with diet, exercise and behavioral modification to treat obesity in people with risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes

Phentirmene is the only diet pill that contains ingredients that work in the same way as prescription strength Phentermine but without any side effects. Phentirmene is the world's best alternative to prescription strength Phentermine.  

There's no question why Phentirmene is on our Top 3 List of Extreme Weight Loss Pills:

  1. No Prescription Needed
  2. More Affordable than prescription strength Phentermine
  3. No Side Effects

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