Phenadrine Review 

Manufactured by APS, Phenadrine is supposed to be a potent thermogenic weight loss supplement that works along with exercise and diet to deliver extreme fat burning power.

Phenadrine’s list of ingredients are among the most common fat burners on the market. APS says Phenadrine is an advanced lipolytic stimulation product that will deliver results right from the first dose.

Phenadrine’s formula is called, Phenylean Proprietary Matrix, it is a mixture of thermogenic enhancers, fat burners, energy boosters and much more.

APS claims those who use Phenadrine should be in good health to start with, it is an intense weight loss supplement meant for experienced bodybuilders and athletes who are accustomed to strong stimulants and thermogenics.

They do make a lot of claims about Phenadrine, but their product does not come with a guarantee.

Phenadrine’s potent formula, plus workout and diet is supposed to deliver:

  • increased focus, concentration, mental clarity, and alertness
  • provide jitter free energy with no crashes
  • boost physical performance
  • increased vascularity and pump
  • enhanced protein synthesis
  • elevated testosterone level production
  • moderated estrogen levels
  • enhances sexual performance?
  • modulation of cortisol levels
  • unparalleled pre-workout and fat-incinerating results
  • advanced multiple pathways for rapid and effective fat-loss

Phenadrine Safety

Directions for Phenadrine are supposed to be followed carefully. You only take two capsules a day, one 30 minutes before each workout. Under no circumstances are you to take more than two a day. If you don’t work out and want to take Phenadrine as a fat burner only, take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening.

But be aware of the possible stimulant side effects if you are sensitive to caffeine.  Those side effects may include headaches, insomnia, nervousness, jitters, anxiety and increased heart rate.

Ingredients in Phenadrine

Phenylean Proprietary Matrix

  • R-N-benzyl-alpha-phenylethylamine-A thermogenic stimulant that is also a mood enhancer and appetite suppressant.
  • N-acety- L-tyrosine-a form of an essential amino acid, L-Tyrosine. It is more water soluble and can be rapidly absorbed than pure L-Tyrosine.  It leads to thermogenesis and lipolysis.
  • Caffeine anhydrous-thermogenic fat burner in it’s purest form.
  • Epimedium 40% icariin extract-increases testosterone levels and enhances blood flow.
  • Extend Rx (narigen/bergamottin)-this proprietary blend works to ensure that the natural weight loss ingredients are not destroyed by your digestive tract so your body can properly use them.
  • 1,3 dimethylamylamine-increases performance, energy, concentration and focus.
  • Methysynephrine HCl-decreases appetite, increases thermogentics which burns fat.

Phenadrine Overall Value

Since Phenadrine ingredients are in a proprietary formula, there is no way of knowing how effective it really is. Even though Phenadrine may provide results, you have to decide if it’s really worth the risks.

It’s loaded with stimulants, but APS claims you won’t get the jitters or crash. So if the amount of those ingredients are so low that you are guaranteed no stimulant side effects, how will you get the fat burning thermogenic power that is claimed? It’s just a thought.

The price range for Phenadrine is around $18.00 to $35.00 dollars for 60 capsules. You might be taking a small risk, since there is nothing mentioned about a refund if you don’t get the results you wanted. Why would you need a weight loss supplement that contained sexual enhancers in it?

Top 3 EXTREME Weight Loss Pills of 2011

Phenphedrine is the only extreme weight loss pill that specifically targets the Cocaine Amphetamine Regulatory Track in the hypothalamus of the brain. By triggering the CART, it suppresses your appetite and increases your metabolism. It also increases insulin to deliver energy to your muscles while simultaneously decreasing body fat.

  1. #1 Extreme Weight Loss Pill
  2. Burns Fat
  3. Improves Mood and
  4. Suppresses Appetite 

The only thing better than Phenphedrine is their  Lifetime Money Back Guarantee-not that you will need it! Y

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Phentirmene is an herbal weight loss pill. It contains ingredients that suppress your appetite via the same mechanisms as prescription strength Phentermine. Phentermine is used togther with diet, exercise and behavioral modification to treat obesity in people with risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes

Phentirmene is the only diet pill that contains ingredients that work in the same way as prescription strength Phentermine but without any side effects. Phentirmene is the world's best alternative to prescription strength Phentermine.  

There's no question why Phentirmene is on our Top 3 List of Extreme Weight Loss Pills:

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  2. More Affordable than prescription strength Phentermine
  3. No Side Effects

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