HCG Zero Capsules

A great man once said that in order to know the future we should look at our past.

True fact: Back in 1954 an English Doctor (Dr. Albert T. Simeons) published a manuscript that suggested that hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) could be used to treat obesity in some patients.

True fact: I have an aunt who lost OVER 100 lbs on the hCG diet which included injections as well as a strick 500 calorie/day diet (I think that anyone who has the will power to only eat 500 calories a day and still be able to function at a normal level is a. crazy and b. they desirve to lose weight because that is some incradible will power).

The side effects and other symptoms and troubles that arise from the use of HCG injections are still to come.  There is limited knowledge about what the long term concequences might be.  Even thought it has been around for decades, the hCG diet never gained as much popularity as it has in the past few years.

Creative Bioscience is the company that makes HCG Zero Capsules.  HCG Zero is a hormon free weight loss pill that contains no actual traces of hCG.  Instead, HCG Zero contains many of the popular and proven weight loss ingredients on the market today and combines then all into one capuse

Product Safety

  • Becaue there are no traces of hormones or hCG in HCG Zero there are not going to be any of the negative side effects that follow the HCG Diet and hormone injections.


HCG Zero contains many of the more popular weight loss products on the market today.  It is almost like Creative Bioscience looked at all the ingredients that had clinical studies that supported the claims of the ingredient so that there couldn’t be any debate that the ingredients were effective.

The questions that follows knowing that the ingredients are solid is if the weight loss pill contains the proper dosage to bring about the results that are clinically proven.

Long-Term Results

There are no documented long term reuslts because HCG Zero is still considered a new product on the market.

Overall Value

It seems that the weight loss pill HCG Zero is advertised as the “utility player” of the supplement world.  It contains some of the better ingredients on the market today, and the engineers who created HCG Zero claim that you can take this weight loss supplement and see result even if you don’t exercise.

This claim seems to be false because it’s a known fact that in order to lose weight and keep it off you need to incorporate into your lifestyle changes that will allow for the transformation to occur.  Some of these lifestyle changes include exercise and following some sort of meal plan ensuring that you are getting the proper nutritants so that your body can function at it’s optimal level.

Each bottle contians 60 capsuls and is said to last for a month.  One bottle of HCG Zero cost about $55.  The price range is set so that the more bottles of HCG Zeros you buy the cheaper each bottle will cost individually.

  • 2 bottles for $89
  • 3 bottles for $99
  • 4 bottles for $109

HCG Zero seems to conatin good ingredients but the questions of how effective do all of the ingredients work together and if this weight loss pill really works as well as it claims.  There isn’t a guarantee so without really many reviews in support we can’t recommend this weight loss pill at this time.



Top 3 EXTREME Weight Loss Pills of 2011

Phenphedrine is the only extreme weight loss pill that specifically targets the Cocaine Amphetamine Regulatory Track in the hypothalamus of the brain. By triggering the CART, it suppresses your appetite and increases your metabolism. It also increases insulin to deliver energy to your muscles while simultaneously decreasing body fat.

  1. #1 Extreme Weight Loss Pill
  2. Burns Fat
  3. Improves Mood and
  4. Suppresses Appetite 

The only thing better than Phenphedrine is their  Lifetime Money Back Guarantee-not that you will need it! Y

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Phentirmene is an herbal weight loss pill. It contains ingredients that suppress your appetite via the same mechanisms as prescription strength Phentermine. Phentermine is used togther with diet, exercise and behavioral modification to treat obesity in people with risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes

Phentirmene is the only diet pill that contains ingredients that work in the same way as prescription strength Phentermine but without any side effects. Phentirmene is the world's best alternative to prescription strength Phentermine.  

There's no question why Phentirmene is on our Top 3 List of Extreme Weight Loss Pills:

  1. No Prescription Needed
  2. More Affordable than prescription strength Phentermine
  3. No Side Effects

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  • Burn Fat
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